Hi my name is Argel Ramiro and I'm a portrait and wedding photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

I started my photography journey a decade ago, where I started to fell in love capturing portraits of people. I have so much fascination of people's unique stories and how they want their stories to be told that I ended up venturing on weddings and engagements as well. This further piqued my interest on how these stories or love stories should be told in a set of photographs that would become later on memories for you.

I am inspired by the classic look, colours and rendering of Analogue film. I am also drawn to the timeless aesthetic of black and white photos which also resonates on my work. My style is a mixture of gently posed portraits and documentary photography.

If I were to describe to you how would it feel shooting your photographs. Think of it like you asked a friend to document your day, relaxed, natural, uncomplicated.

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How others would describe me?

Argel Ramiro is an event and Sydney portrait photographer who brings weddings, family bonds, and engagements to life through his artwork. Argel favors gently guided posed sessions where his experience in collaborating with hundreds of folks over the years allows him to bring any theme to life.

And by avoiding both deep, moody shadows and overflowing highlights, he brings a highly realistic and enjoyable style to his images that are a welcome shift from what’s typically available to Sydney clients!

The 11 Best Portrait Photographers in Sydney by Peerspace

May 2021.

Portrait, engagement, wedding, and family photography are what Argel Ramiro specializes in. Using gently guided poses and well-chosen backgrounds he solidifies the day’s events into something artistic and forever lasting! Argel’s photography has the intentionality and polish that comes from years of working as a classic portrait photographer. We especially love how well he uses eye contact in the frame to add emotion or guide the unfolding story being told to us viewers!

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June 2021